Sagebrush And Lace


Six guns, whips and wild, wild women!

1876: Time to throw away the corsets and draw down on the Old West.

When Horace Greeley said "Go West Young Man" he never would have

thought that two young women would take his advice to heart.

Striking out against all odds and risking everything to be together.

Society calls them sapphists. Chief Sitting Bull calls them 'Big Magic'.

Buffalo Bill Cody and Wild Bill Hickok call them friends.

Pinkerton's detectives want them alive. Clarke Quantrill's gang of outlaws want them dead.

Two runaway women in a man's world risk their very lives to be together.


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Afternoon Delight






Two young women on vacation and ready for a little after noon delight...



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Woman's Best Friend






A hot day at the beach is about to get hotter with the help of a little dog.



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In a Days Work





It's a hot day that gets hotter.

A short story about a self pleasuring young exhibitionist that

provides a stimulating show for her apartment's window washer.


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Full Service Organization





Working late sometimes has a few perks that come with the job.


And a janitor don't always have it so bad. Sometimes it is really good and hot



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Strawberries and Naughty Cream






Five delicious short stories in one collection. Explicit sex.

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Cowgirl Up







A hot romance with a young, independent, ranch woman that meets her match in this novella about bulls,

rodeo cowboys and the difference between sex and love.


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Hot Day and Hotter Night






Kate didn't believe the afternoon could get any hotter

until a perspective client walked in and her temperature rose to a fever.


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Mountain Honey








Take a sexy cowhand, a hot and horny boss lady and a secluded mountain cabin

and it makes for a hot summer

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A Passion Spent





A woman gets turned on by an unusual courtship.


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The Letter





A rainy day, an empty mailbox set the stage for a stormy afternoon.


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Adam's Bar-b-Que Ribs







Women takes sweet revenge from wayward boyfriend.


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